About Us

Bamboo Lab Architect

Bamboo Lab is an Architectural firm focusing bamboo design and construction. Founded in 2018, our founder and team are always passionate about learning bamboo. Currently Bamboo Lab operates in Kuta, Lombok, exploring new opportunities and possibilities.

Why Bamboo?

History of Bamboo

Though once called the poor man’s timber it is no longer so. Its use as a long fiber raw material in the pulp and paper industry is well known and is one of the much sought after raw material in the tropics.


Our Works

This is what we made and many more works with amazing result we already have

Bamboo Water Village

Beautiful bamboo village concept with ellegance and nature

Xeno Fit Lombok

The one and only GYM in Lombok with amazing building concept

Milky Wave Restaurant

Restaurant with eco friendly concept and wonderful view

Enn Wellnes Center

Enn Wellness focuses on well-being and health, offering various services related to relaxation, body treatments, and healthy food.

Cocoon Villas Resort & Residence

is a villa that embraces nature, mimicking the unique shape of a cocoon, and is enveloped in bamboo architecture.

Tampah Hills Playground

This Playground area will function as hospitality area for children, BBQ lounge and an outdoor gym area for everyone to enjoy!

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