As an organic material, Bamboo will need to go through intensive process of treatments in order to make sure it is ready to be used as long lasting construction materials. As how organic material, bamboo is susceptible to the detrimental impacts of Insects, fungi, rot & decomposition and fire. With this reasons, bamboo materials need to be treated both from the inside and outside.

Bamboo was proven to have stronger tensile strength than steel in various researches worldwide and is approved by Inbar (International Bamboo and Rattan Organization) for its sturdiness and resistance to earthquake and lightweight factor.

It is also the quickest plant you can grow for building material. While conventional wood material might take decades to fully grow, bamboo only needs 3-4 years to be able to mature and harvested as construction material, this makes them cheaper as well as giving less negative impact to the environment than generic wood materials.

For the environment, bamboo have the quality to quickly rehabilitate the forest due to its quick growth and is able to store up to five thousand liters of water within one cluster, making it the best natural water system for the forests even in dry season. 

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