the art of bamboo

our process

We built our own bamboo treatment facility in order to set higher standards. Keep evolving by researching new methods to increase quality and efficiency. All of our workers, bamboo specialists and artisans are local Lombok people who are plentiful in experience and thoroughly understands the nature of bamboo in the wild as well as their usages as everyday needs and as building material.

Early Discussion and Briefing

Quality of space and design are our priorities. Prospective client will be scheduled to meet our representative for discussion and will be explained about the process of planning, construction and fee. In this process you can also discuss about business considerations, expectations, limitations, capability, and desired themes that related with project design and costs. Based on the discussion, we will propose the design concepts which prioritize quality of the spaces as well as practical aspects.

Conceptual Design Phase

in this process, if you decide to collaborate further with us, we will collect the data of your land through field surveys and communicate intensively for more detailed requirements and ideas. We will determine the design concepts that will fit the site and requirements and then propose the conceptual layout of circulation and building mass. Alongside the client, we will develop the details from the concept.

Schematic Design Phase

From the concept that you approve, we will continue the design process by composing architectural design and forms which are realized in plans, elevations, and sections. This phase will also define dimensions, areas, and material moodboards. The results of this phase will help us explain the relationship between the concept and the design realization, which will later be continued in the development phase.

Design Development Phase

After you approve our schematic design, we will continue the process of the design i.e. implementing design ideas, refining the design, developing technical aspects, and finalizing the 3D models. We will transform our 3D model into visualization images to visualize the shape of the building, room spaces, used materials, and relation with the sun and climate. Both the concept and technical aspects of the design will then be synthesized for the permit (IMB) drawing and detailed engineering drawings (DED).

Professional Coordination

From the technical development that we had used for IMB Drawing, we continue to finalize the Architectural design while coordinating with appointed Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing engineers.

Working Drawing Phase

At this phase, we translate the design from the development phase into drawings and technical descriptions that can explain the process of implementing and supervising construction. The results of coordination with other professionals will also be summarized in these working drawings.


When we start the construction we’ll provide two things



Preparation of construction documents that include floor plans, views and sections.
Provision of building material specifications and building supplier recommendations.
Quality control will be carried out at the beginning, middle, and finishing for the suitability of designs, covering:

  • The elevation and section of the entire building, especially the dimensions of floor to floor, openings (windows, doors, ventilation, etc.), and finishing details, including the color of the exterior walls, facade elements, parapet walls, railings, etc.
  • Layout and room dimensions according to the floor plan and site plan.
  • Architectural material specifications, including but not limited to floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, sanitation and landscaping.



Provide periodic on-site inspections to initiate and continue the construction by the contractor in a timely and orderly manner. At our discretion, an adequate and reasonable number of site visits will be provided, as required to insure that the building design is executed in accordance with the design concepts.
Conduct a final inspection when the project is in the finalization stage to ensure that the implementation of the project aligns with the construction drawings.

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