Our team of real estate professionals and alliance partners give you confidence that you have a clear understanding of the assets you are acquiring. Manage your risk properly and avoid or rectify issues that could lead to future problems.


Securing a land is arguably the most crucial part of having a successful project. Whether a private land in quiet environment with great views, or bustling city center area that prioritize convenience, the process of land procurement can be exciting but challenging for many people, we can help you go through the process and offer the best solutions.


Before committing to an acquisition of real estate it is essential to ensure that the property’s zoning, ownership and market value are well understood. No matter where you purchase real estate in the world it is the same; comprehensive physical, legal and financial due diligence screening must be undertaken to prevent making costly mistakes.

Our experienced team of professionals will guide you through the due diligence review process to ensure that you:
1) Clearly understand site boundaries and land area, as well as who owns the real estate you are planning to purchase or lease, and who has the legal right to transact on behalf of that property;
2) Identify the zoning for the subject property and whether or not it allows for the construction or use you are planning for the site;
3) Understand the value through examination of comparison properties’ pricing, is the subject property being sold and the market value? Are you paying a premium or acquiring at a discount? Our team will help you clearly understand what you are actually purchasing or leasing.


Soil testing determine the suitability of the soil and assess whether it can accommodate your construction project, test your soil for strength, density, compaction, contamination, organics and sand content, and assess their impact on your construction project.  This is needed to plan throughout your construction project for maximum quality and safety.

Depending on the area of the site, you might also want to determine whether there are usable groundwater deposit for your construction or not, due to many area in Lombok being dry or high up on a hill, sometimes getting water is a challenge and large sum of money may be needed to drill wells on a dry land, and you may end up saving a lot going with different approach on how you provide water for your project. Doing groundwater test here prevents such mistake and guide you for a better planned project.


A building permit has to be obtained before construction of any building in Indonesia begins. The building permit is also known as an IMB or Ijin Mendirikan Bangunan, it specifies the approved initial design of the building but it also continues through the buildings life stating what the building can be used for. The IMB is probably the most important document regarding properties in Indonesia. The building permit is not only a permit to carry out the initial building but it also continues through the building’s life as a registration document. The permit defines (through a pile of associated documents that are lodged with the application) the specification of the building that is or has been built and the purpose the building can be used for.

Applying your design for IMB could be a very long and costly process if you don’t know what’s going on and your application being handled by the wrong consultant. Our team are familiar by the legal process and will handle your documents in easy and swift manner without spending unnecessary money.


If you are a foreign national and is determined to own a land in Indonesia, the secure and recommended way to do it is through a HGB (Hak Guna Bangunan) title. HGB can only be owned by an Indonesian national or entity by establishing a local PT (Perseroan Terbatas or Limited Liability Company) that can be 100% foreign-funded in which case is called PT PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing or Foreign Investment). Through a PT PMA you can register your land as an asset, making you, the shareholder, a legal owner of the land.

A HGB title can be 30 years long but can be extended by 20 years at a time and function identically as a freehold title, be passed on to other personal or PT PMA through a legal lease or sales agreement.


As an Architect, we work with number of consultants to solve problems on structural, functional and budget standpoints from the design development until your building is 100% finished and running as intended. Our experienced project manager will make sure construction does not fall behind schedule, being over budget or do costly mistakes.


As an organic material, Bamboo have its own special characteristics and ways to handle them. Building a bamboo construction require experienced artisans that have in-depth knowledge on how to put it together, bending techniques, joining and cutting each bamboo without damaging their looks and structural integrity.


A bamboo structure handled by inexperienced artisans can lead to structural failure and reduced performance and lifespan, while an expert artisan can maximize the potential of a high-quality bamboo material and make it lasts very long.


Building with bamboo is currently considered a global trend and many are racing to make better designs, techniques and combinations that works together. However, there are many challenges we need to face in building bamboo structures, this includes the shape of the material, the irregularity of the material, attack from insects and fungi, the lack of knowledge and building code and some of these can be avoided if not totally eliminated by following the laid-down procedures.
At present, most bamboo buildings in the world are built without specific standards and in recent years, INBAR(International Bamboo and Rattan Organization) and ISO have worked closely to develop bamboo building-related standards and specifications, which will be conducive to the standard, design and promotion in bamboo architecture industry.

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