Future Potential

Indonesia Government Initiatives

Given the characteristics, we are convinced that bamboo will gain more popularity as construction material as well as furniture material, essentially a replacement for wood in some industry. But what will be the spark that starts this change? Indonesia’s government had started a movement in 2016 called the Seribu Desa Bambu or “Thousand Bamboo Village” project, the idea is to make bamboo to be more known and utilized as local commodity that can compete with multinational market by creating and educating local people and corporation to use and grow more bamboo in a thousand villages across Indonesia.

Tourism & The Mandalika

As tourism goes in Lombok Island, in a couple of years Kuta area will be the leading tourism area as result of The Mandalika Project in ITDC. Mandalika is the next world class tourism destination in Indonesia created by ITDC. The new destination will offer a unique experience that is different from other locations around the world.

The Mandalika has been designed as an ecotourism destination from the offset, incorporation Clean Solar Cell Energy, Water Destination Plants and keeping over 51% of the resort as open ‘Green Space’, which will not only maintain and protect the natural beauty of the Mandalika scenery but also enhance the life and culture of the local people.

With this idea, The Mandalika will also encourage green and sustainable buildings such as bamboo constructions within its areas. This will encourage more people and investors to better understand the charm of bamboo architectures.

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